IVI Starter Package

Includes 1 pair of multiple-pinhole glasses and 2 bottles of OPC*Pro. Powerful tools to help you reverse your vision problems -- immediately!

US$78.00         plus shipping & handling

Save US$22.00 now!

Multiple Pinhole Glasses

A well designed and tested tool to train your eye muscles automatically. Put it on and see the difference immediately!

US$32.00         plus shipping & handling


A magnificent blend of grapeseed extract, bilberry extract, and cranberry concentrate to provide you with the building materials for better eye health and protection.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.

US$34.00         plus shipping & handling

Sun-dried Chinese Wolfberry
Contains excellent nutrients for your eyes. A major ingredient for almost all eye remedies in Chinese medicine. Premium picked quality. 1 lb wt.

US$24.50         plus shipping & handling

Sun-dried Chrysanthemum
A perfect match to other IVI products. Clear the heat in your liver and your eyes. Premium picked for your health. 1 lb wt.

US$22.50         plus shipping & handling

IVI Complete Pack

1 multiple-pinhole glasses, 2 bottles of OPC*Pro, 1 pack of 1-lb Chinese Wolfberries, 1 pack of 1-lb Chrysanthemum flowers.
Total value:  US$147.00

Now:  US$110.00        plus shipping & handling

Save US$37.00 now!



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