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Tired eyesight affects every person over 45

Every person over the age of 45 suffers from symptoms of presbyopia, also known as tired eyesight.

The latest advances offer a solution to presbyopia through an intraocular multifocal lens.
Tired eyesight is a very common disorder which usually begins around the ages of 45 to 50, affecting 100% of those older than 50; people who have presbyopia have difficulty seeing objects close-up. The focusing power of the eye depends on the elasticity of the lens. This elasticity is gradually lost as people age. The result is a slow decrease in the ability of the eye to focus on nearby objects.
People usually notice the condition around age 45, when they realize that they need to hold reading materials further away in order to focus on them. Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process and affects everyone.  As Dr. Esperanza Arroyo of HOSPITENís Ophthalmology Service points out, the symptoms appear before in long sighted people and later on for shortsighted ones.
Dr. Royo explains that presbyopia is provoked by the natural aging of the eye, as its lens, which is elastic and situated behind the pupil, starts to harden with time and therefore losing elasticity which permits it to change form to focus at certain distances.  As this is a natural process, it is an optical condition, which, sooner or later, affects everyone without exception.
The great advances which have taken places in the design of intraocular lenses has permitted the development of the intraocular multifocal lens; a fact which makes Dr. Esperanza Arroyo state that there is a highly effective solution for presbyopia or tired eyesight, with fantastic results for the patient.  This multifocal lens is implanted in the patient with local anesthesia and no hospital stay.  During this intervention the eyes natural lens is substituted with the multifocal lens and the patient can carry on with his normal life from that very day.
Dr. Esperanza Royo comments that people who would be candidates for this operation would usually be patients who are going to remove their cataracts and wish to eliminate their presbyopia during the same operation; patients that do not suffer from cataracts but wish to stop using glasses, whether they suffer from short or long sight, and young patients with unilateral or congenital cataracts.


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