Master Professional Services Ltd. began its international trading business in June 1990. MPS are the first letters of Master Professional Services. The company expanded into international health food distribution in 1992. We formed MPS (HK) International Limited and MPS (China) International Limited in 1992 and 1993 respectively to handle the Hong Kong and China markets. 

Throughout the past ten years we have seen how wonderfully our products have helped many people regain their health. We had only focused in making our products available to needy people until 1998. In 1998, we formed MPS International Marketing Inc. to handle the development of the North American market. As we believe people can build a good business around our excellent products, we designed a compensation system that could help our members/distributors establish a good income source by sharing our products with


We truly believe that Health & Wealth are the two basic factors needed for us to live a fulfilling life. Our mission is to help people achieve an abundant life with good health and financial freedom. Comparatively speaking, MPS International Marketing Inc. is still a very young company in North America. We are still in the process of gaining our foothold in the marketplace. We know we will be successful because we have excellent and time-proven products and we put our membersí interest at the top of our priority list. We understand that the success of our distributors guarantees our success. We are listening to our distributors carefully. We are willing to change to ensure a better business structure for our distributors. We do whatever we need to do to provide a system through which people can make their dreams come true.

After almost four years of testing the North American market, we have adjusted our sails and have set course in the right direction. As a young company with proven products, we offer a real ground floor opportunity to people who are seriously interested in regaining their health and building their wealth. We do not have any doubt that our growth will march into a momentum phase in the very near future.

MPS International Marketing Inc. will continue to serve our members/distributors/users with superior products as well as provide them with excellent business opportunities to build a permanent income stream. We will continue listening to our customers who are in fact the winning edge of our company.




MPS International
#140, 12100 Riverside Way Richmond, B.C. Canada V5R 4B7
Tel: 1-604-303-6770

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